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Session Five - Interrogating the Watchers

Taking stock of the new situation, our three intrepid heros begin to realise that they could potentially have captured two spell users. Unfortunately, they don’t even have a counterspell between them. Æðelred’s suggetsion, heartily supported by Cardhu, is to kill them and destroy the evidence - the pyre they had Æðelred build to burn the other two bodies was not yet lit. However, Cedric overrules his companions and suggests that they need to get his father’s advice. After a period of heated debate, Cedric orders Æðelred to ready a mount for him. Once the horse is ready, Cedric mounts up, taking with him several scrolls and a strange book that the watchers had had in their posession.

’twas well past dusk as Cedric set out from the forester’s cabin, and the visibility was reduced further by the mountain fog that had been present for most of the day, but that had become much thicker since nightfall. However, despite the inclement weather, it takes Cedric about six hours to travel to his father’s home. Given the time, his arrival at the manor house is unobserved. However, pressed as he is for time, he goes immediately to his father’s rooms and wakes him. Although groggy from his sleep, Wuscfrea was soon up to speed on the situation. His perfunctory examination of the unusual possessions of the Watchers did not last long, but his worried expression spoke volumes.

Carefully wrapping the book and scrolls in a cloth that was lying on the desk, Wuscfrea looks at Cedric thoughtfully. Then, in a carefully controlled manner, Wuscfrea hands the package back to Cedric, and tells him to bring it, as it is, to the Hermit in the woods. He also admonishes Cedric to say something strange when greeting the Hermit - “My father feels that the Raven is spreading his wings”. Not understanding exactly what is going on, Cedric nonetheless agrees, and departs immediately for the home of the Hermit.

Several hours later, with dawn fast approaching, and exhaustion numbing his reactions, Cedric approaches the home of the Hermit. Bringing his destrier to a halt, he dismounts and approaches the entrance to the Hermit’s cave on foot, only barely able to avoid stumbling due to his exhaustion. The Hermit, to Cedric’s surprise, is awake and tending a small camp fire as Cedric approaches. Looking up, greets Cedric, but almost immediately appears to foget that he is there, going back to whatever he was doing at the fire, muttering to himself in some strange tongue. Remembering the words of his father, Cedric extends the package towards the Hermit, and conveys his father’s warning about the Raven. The Hermit looks up again, and stares intensely at Cedric’s face. Then, clearing his throat, he tells Cedric to lead him to where the prisoners are being held in perfect Ælducweðn.

The hermit leads out an old donkey and the two head out again. The early morning mist is long since burnt off and the noonday sun is beaming down on the two of them when they arrive at the foresters cabin where Æðelred and Cardhu were waiting. As they arrive, Æðelred approaches and helps the two dismount. Cedric, nearly collaping from exhaustion, stumbles into the cabin and basically collapses unconcious on the cot. The hermit demands to see the prisoners. As both are still bound tightly and unconcious, he circles them a number of times, muttering, before going over to his pack and taking out several pouches. Returning to the two prisoners, he marks out a circle around the two prisoners. Appearing satisfied with his handiwork, he beckons Cardhu and Æðelred out into the sunshine outside. There, they inspect the items that they retrieved from the watchers. The hermit passes over most of the items without comment, but very carefully seperates some of the weapons which seem to be of interst to him. He indicates that they have been enscorcelled by an unsafe power, and that he must dispell this enscorcellment to make the items safe.

Under his direction, the companions build a fire in the clear ground between the forester’s cottage and the small stream nearby. Then, and Æðelred lights the pyre, the hermit directs Cardhu to dig a shallow trench about six inches deep in the loose earth. With the various elements ready, the hermit then proceeded to one of the blades into the small fire as he chanted slowly and carefully added certain powders into the fire, causing it to burn with an eerie green hue. He then directed Cardhu to draw the blade from the fire and lay it in the shallow trench. He prodeeded to sprinkle a mixture of the earth and certain other powders from his belt pouches over the blade. Apparently satisfied, he then asked the Cardhu to carry it over to the small brook, where he laid the blade briefly. Finally, as he withdrew it from the waters, he wiped it with a fine white cloth from his pack, murmmuring to himself, before carefully holding the blade by the pommel, blade up and breathing gently upon it.

He repeated with proceedure with each of the swords and daggers retireved from the "Watchers". With one of the Swords and two of the daggers, he placed them carefully on a cloth beside him after this proceedure, seemingly dissatisfied with something, while the other blades he simply handed to Æðelred to stow. Once all of the items had been ‘cleansed’, he carefully wrapped the blades he had set aside, and explained that he would have to deal with those later, but that the other blades were now safe to use.

Now - I know that my players don’t tend to read the boards, but here goes ... the "5 watchers" they killed or neutralised ... They did manage to capture one (but then left him tied up and haven’t checked on him ... he’s now escaped) ... the one that ran from the combat was killed by Cedric, the one who "jumped off the cliff" - Cedric peppered an illusion with arrows. The injured spell user had teleported to the other side of the ravine and is now planning his revenge. The two bodyguards left behind were slain in combat. The group was very lucky - both bodyguards would have triggered defensive spells if they hadn’t been stunned from ambush. Now the group is gonna search the belongings of the wouldbe ambushers and find some interesting information which will probably have the three haring off to meet Cardhu’s father (a Glew Bocare Mage who will be able to help them protect the village against the revenge of the Corydan Curch). To be honest, part of the reason why the campaign started off low magic is that I’m only comming to terms with the system myself - though it would be easier not to introduce all the rules at once ...

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