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Session Two - The Life of a Noble

Some weeks later, two days before the Festival of Nerðe (Hreðmonað 1, - Festival dedicated to Nerðe, Earth Goddess of Fertility and Renewal), Wuscfrea holds a village moot to announce an alteration to the usage of the village commons - the Sherrif has demanded that all villages and mannors improve their defenses in the face of an increased incidence of Bandit raids that have occurred recently. In an effort to raise some much-needed funds to facilitate the rebuilding of the defences for the village, Wuscfrea has decided to impose a minor surcharge to pasturing animals in the commons. One of the local yeomen - Eric, son of Cælin, often called Eric Eorrere (a good farmer, but known for his irrascible temper and poor judgment) arrives drunk, and starts argueing with Wuscfrea and the village officials. In the intersts of a peaceful life, Wuscfrea has always tolerated Eric’s posturing, but he signals to Cuðbert, the village Beadle, to encourage Eric to leave the meeting so the remaining business can be conducted more easily.

Unfortunately, when Eric is ‘asked’ to leave, he starts a scuffle with Cuðbert which rapidly spirals out of control when he manages to pull a small knife from Cuðbert’s belt. Cuðbert immediately gives him some space, but at this point he is already out of control, and is so incensed with what he feels is an unfair increase in the taxes he will have to pay this month that he takes aim and throws the knife at Wuscfrea. Only then realising what he has done, Eric’s face drains of blood. Ghostly white, he turns and runs from the hall. Although the knife only grazes Wuscfrea’s arm, this act of violence against his leige lord cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Hereric (Wuscfrea’s youngest son), Cuðbert (the Beadle), and Berðun (the Woodward) are dispatched to apprehend Eric. He is found hiding in the stables of the manor, and arrested.

Cedric and Æðelred only returned to the village that evening, having been out doing a message for Wuscfrea, and Cedric becomes rather incensed when he hears of the assault on his father, and it is only with some fast talking that he is dissuaded from going to the cellar where Eric is being held and inflicting his own punishment on the former yeoman. Later, having spoken to Æðelred as to the deposition of his family, Cedric determined that it may be a wise move to speak to his daughter, Eabæ. He went with Æðelred to her dwelling and spoke with her, observing that she had a crossbow poorly concealed in the house, but he was convinced that this had belonged to Eric. He asked Eabæ if her courtship of Tondbert, brother of the hayward of Æcyr Holm, was progressing and she indicated that they had considered asking his father for permission to marry, but that at this time her father did not have the money required to pay for the fees and ceremony. Furthermore, although Tondbert’s brother was the hayward in Æcyr Holm, Tondbert himself was merely a cottar, and did not have the resources to pay his feudal lord the fee for moving out of the village. Cedric spoke with Eabæ for some minutes longer, explaining that his family had always given Eric every freedom to express himself, but that he had stepped over the line when he had attacked Wuscfrea. Cedric also reassured Eabæ that he would try and sort something out with his father regarding Tondbert if she assured him that she did not cause problems.

Dawn seemed to come early the following day, and manor staff were busy from first light erecting a gallows. The trial - always going to be more of a formality than anything - was conducted quickly but with dignity, with the charges of Treason and Attempted Murder being read out and confirmed by the presiding officer (Wuscfrea). Cedric had arranged for Æðelred to keep an eye on Eabæ and he stayed close to her throughout the proceedings. During the reading of the Charges, Eabæ remained quite subdued, but at the announcement that he was to be hung by the neck until he was dead, she went to stand, before half-collapsing into her seat and crying. As an olive branch to his family and the people of the village, it was announced that his seventeen year old daughter Eabæ would be permitted to hold the lands and title of Yeoman pending her marriage to her betrothed - Tondbert, brother of the hayward of Æcyr Holm.

After the events in the manor, Æðelred followed Eabæ back to her dwelling at a discreet distance, and then returned to the manor where a letter was prepared by Wuscfrea requesting that Sir Sigmund Hedeð, knight of the manor of Æcyr Holm, release Tondbert from his duties and allow him to wed Eabæ and become a Yeoman of Æcyr Gréne. The letter was given to Hereric to deliver with the appropriate fees to recompense Sir Sigmund for the loss of a good worker, and Hereric was dispatched immediately following the Festival of Nerðe.

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