The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

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Session One - Meet the Neighbours

The setting - Early spring, in the year 514 AA. Cedric Wilfrid Rægenhere, son of Sir Wuscfrea Rægenhere (Knight of the Realm, feudal lord of Æcyr Gréne), and his companion/retainer Æðelred, son of Berðun, (woodward of Æcyr Gréne), are hunting in the hills to the northwest of the manor holding. As the day began to draw to a close, the two begin to head to their basecamp about four miles southeast, abandoning their disappointing hunt for the day. Following a mountain stream down towards the glen where they camped the previous night, Cedric hears raised voices in the distance (his elven lineage enabling him to hear the commotion long before Æðelred could). His interest piqued, the two descend down into the glen and begin to climb up the other side to where the dispute is occurring.

It takes nearly twenty minutes before they are near enough to tell what is happening, but with some effort, the two approach the strangers without being observed. In a small clearing near the top of the hill, the two companions observer a small group of hunters, obviously now divided into two opposing camps. Two well-dressed individuals are at the centre of the dispute. After racking his brain for a minute or two, Cedric identifies one of the two nobles as Baron Villier Sighere de Vichi, one of the more friendly of the ’Southern Barons’ that had taken over almost twenty years ago - and with whom his brother Irminric was serving as a squire. Given the light and distance, he is unable to identify the other member of the dispute.

At this point, both major participants had drawn their duelling rapiers, and several of their retainers had also readied weapons. While observing the clearing as thoroughly as possible, Cedric also spotted a retainer with a bow already drawn back and ready to attack - although it was very unclear as to whose side this retainer was on. Quickly motioning to Æðelred to ensure that this sniper did not interfere, Cedric ensured that his heraldic crest was readily visable, and deliberately walked out into the clearing, calling out to the participants in the hopes that his presence would dissuade any further violence. As he enters the clearing, he recognises the other noble involved as being Baron Xavier de Montfor, his father’s leige-lord and the region’s sherrif. Unfortunately, just as he did this, he saw Sir Villier swing at the de Montfor, swearing at him loudly but just a little too quickly for Cedric to catch (the barons were argueing in Coryndan, whereas Cedric’s mother-tongue is Ælducweðn). His blow is deflected in the main by the other noble’s quick reaction, but de Montfor’s repost strikes home, striking deep into his weapon arm, opening the skin and flesh, and exposing the bone underneath. However, the distraction provided by Cedric’s arrival is sufficient to enable the retainers from both sides to interpose themselves between their fractious lords.

As the two lords retire a small distance away, Villier’s younger companion - his cousin Oswyn - proceeds to speak to Cedric, having recognised him as Irminric’s brother. The cause of the dispute is quickly determined - the two barons, distant cousins, had organised this hunting trip and everything had been going well until both had apparently shot the same stag. Nether shot had proved immediately effective, and the entire party had followed the stricken animal until it fell from exhaustion and bloodloss a couple of miles away. When the party finally caught up with it, a dispute started over whose arrow had brought it down, and thus who could claim the rather spectactular set of antlers it sported.

Cedric’s suggestion that perhaps as a disinterested third-party he could determine the fatal shot was accepted, grudgingly, by the two parties, so Cedric spent some time examining the corpse of the Stag. It did not take him long to notice that it was de Vichi’s arrow that had led to the death of the animal. When he explained that this would be his opinion, Baron de Montford appeared rather dissatisfied, but accepted the decision. The interested parties also agreed that possibly the best idea would be that the stag’s corpse should be donated to the local religious hermit, thus avoiding any further disputes over the trophy. Cedric invited the Barons to break bread with him in his camp in the valley, and Oswyn accepted on behalf of the gathered dignitaries. With the assistance of Æðelred, the camp was prepared and a good meal was produced. Unfortunately, the resulting meal was strained, to say the least, but passed off without incident (apart from the constant sniping at Cedric’s lineage by de Montford and his retainers). De Vichi also spoke to Cedric at length, and indicated that he planned to visit Æcyr Gréne within the month to speak to Cedric’s father.

The following morning, the nobles and their party departed, leaving Cedric to clean up and leave the stag with the hermit. With help from Æðelred, cleanup only took a couple of hours, before Cedric and Æðelred broke camp and headed west with the stag’s corpse. Travelling to the Hermit’s retreat was uneventful, and although they observed the Hermit nearby when they arrived at his residence (a spartan, but homely cave, with some minor alterations visible to the outside), they did not get much of a chance to speak to him - he was wandering around talking to himself, muttering in a starge polygot of local and foreign languages, and was only barely coherent. They left the offering with the Hermit and headed off into the hills hoping for a successful hunt.

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