The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

Campaign Logs

The Happenings in Æcyr Gréne

The campaign focuses primarily on the events that occur in and around the manor of Æcyr Gréne. The campaign started off as a one-on-one with the player of Cedric’s character. The character of Cardhu was added later with the addition of a second player.

Episode One - Meet the Neighbours
Wherein Cedric meets some of the local nobility, and manages to antagonise the local Sherrif.

Episode Two - The Life of a Noble
Wherein Cedric realises that ruling his subjects is not always fun and games and the odd roll in the hay.

Episode Three - Bandit Attack!
The village of Æcyr Gréne is attacked by Bandits.

Episode Four - Dealing with the Prisoners
Having beaten off the attack, the damage to the village must be repaired, the prisoners questioned and punished, and life should return to normal ... or at least that was the plan!

Episode Five - Interrogating the Watchers
Following up what the captured Brigands revealed has led to the capture of another two prisoners. However, questioning magic users carries certain risks ...[incomplete]

There is quite a number of episodes that are not logged at present ... in the interim, the party has left village life behind in their pursuit of the group that initiated the attack on the village. The story starts again here ...
Politics and Morality ... Poor Bedfellows?
Bringing information on the activities of the Order of Tiras to the ears of a symathetic Baron ... what could possibly go wrong?

When simple missions get messy
When you agree to what appears to be a really simple task for a friend ... why does it always seem to go horribly wrong?

OK - some more logs missing here ... I'm trying - Honest

Keeping a Low Profile ...
Plans never seem to survive contact with those who make them, never mind contact with the enemy ...

Moving On ...
Communication really does seem to be a lost art ...

A Day in the Life ... of Æðelred.
What exactly does Æðelred do when the companions are in town?

For ongoing campaign logs, please refer to the Æcyr-Gréne Discussion Forum.

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