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The Sœcisc Faith

The Sœcisc Faith is the predominant belief system of the Sœcic peoples of Earð, deeply embedded in their history, their culture, their psyche. It is a polytheistic faith with ten deities each having their own respective spheres of influence and attendent cults. However, people do not follow one deity to the exclusion of all others - they dedicate rituals, paens and prayers to the deity that seems the most appropriate at any given moment.

These pages attempt to offer an overview of the major aspects of the Sœcisc Faith - its Mythology, precepts, religious practices and structures. However, Sœcisc faith permeates every aspect of Sœcic life in ways too numerous to list, never mind detail extensively.

The Sœcisc beliefs take their name from the Sœcices, the people among whom the religion first evolved. The Sœcices - who originated on the continent of Carangeard - have fragmented into many diverse peoples, and the Sœcisc faith has fragmented with them. The most influential of the Sœcic peoples would include the Norn, Normænisc, Narvisc and Navarisc peoples of the north; the Geramisc, Gœðic and Andalisc peoples of the East, and of course the Caranisc and Æðeleode peoples. However, many of the key tenets and principles of the faith have remained consistent.