The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

The Dynndh Faith


If the Sœcisc faith is barely religious to Salisian eyes, then the Dynndh "faith" is not a religion at all. There are no "gods" by the Salisian or Sœcisc definition of the term - the Dynndh instead worship the spirits of Nature. In fact, Nature itself is considered to be a single, living, breathing spirit, and Dynndh belief dictates that it is the ebb and flow of her spirit that Magicians draw upon when they are weaving their enchantments.

The Dynndh believe that there are lesser nature spirits all around us. Minor nature spirits (Spioraid Lag - Dryads, Naiads, Nereids, Oreids, etc) abound, and the Dynndh believe that some of these spirits - the Spioraid Beannaithe - have grown sufficiently powerful for it to be a wise decision to honour their wishes - leaving out offerings and the like to ensure that their ire is assuaged, or to gain a boon.

In as much as there is a Dynndh religion, it is directed and led by the Druids, whose understanding of the ebb and flow of the Fuil Donn - the Blood of Donn - allows them to see disturbances which could cause problems, and gives them an understanding of the fickle nature of the Spioradaí.

Another strand to the Dynndh faith is the belief in "Na dTiarnaí de Doinn" - the Heroes of Donn. These Tiarnaí are the heroes of Dynndh folklore, and the "Lucht Leanúnai" (followers) of a specific Tiarna will often have secret rites, traditions and styles that are unique. These sects seem to take the position both as "Guilds" and as religious groupings. For example, the Followers of Brige (na Lucht Leanúnai de Bhrige) have perfected the apothecary arts and the knowledge for creating certain balms and unguents are only shared with initiates. The Followers of Cullan (na Lucht Leanúnai de gCullain) see themselves as the inheritors of Cullan’s military prowess, and have developed a unique fighting style and code of honour, whereby they can identify each other even if they happen to be backing different clan lords in one of the interminal internicine squabbles that seem to occupy the minds of the Dynndh Clan Lords. This ability to recognise eachother is important, as they must treat a fellow follower differntly to a normal prisoner - a Follower of Cullan is expected to give and hold to his word of honour, and thus does not need to be bound or restrained - they must cooperate with their captor until such time as they are released or rescued.