The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

The Dynndh Faith

The Dynndh Faith is the predominant belief system of the Dynndh clans, but one which is difficult to assign the name "religion" to. In fact, the Salisian Theologists often relegate it to the category of irrational superstition and folklore. For Deistic faiths, the most disturbing element of the Dynndh religion is that they purport to worship no gods at all. However, in daily practice things just get more complicated ...

Moreso than the other major faiths, the Dynndh faith is intimately intwined into the political, legal and social order of the Dynndh clans. The druidic orders of the Dynndh are more than just the community priests or religious leaders - they act as the repository of history and learning; simultaneously acting as advisors to the clan leadership and as teachers to the children. They formalise and regularise the legal framework within which all legal challenges can occur - to the point of having individual members that specialised in copyright or inheritance law. However, it would be a mistake to assume that the Clan chiefs are powerless - the majority of matters are resolved within the clan. It is only when disputes between the clans occur, or someone feels agrieved by the decision of his leige lord that the Druids will be asked to help in the arbitration.

Because the Dynndh faith intertwines the practice of Magic with the very tenets of their faith, "rogue" spell users that are not affiliated with the Druidic conclave will at the least be regarded with suspicion. Similarly, the relations between the Dynndh and the Shidhe (pronouced "Shee") is also one which is inorexarably intwined with their faith and world view.