The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

Optional Material for HARP and Rolemaster

In this section of the website, I hope to post any materials that I have prepared or used to enhance the game experience for my players. So-far, the number of links is small - I will be adding the others as I get them converted to the correct format. I also hope to post revised versions of the various articles I wrote for the Guild Companion - the "officially Unofficial" monthy e-Magazine for ICE roleplaying games. I would recommend anyone interested in Roleplaying to read this magazine!!

HARP Stuff 

Since I am currently running the campaign using the HARP ruleset, much of my recent material has primarily been for HARP. Of course, I do plan to convert the articles to Rolemaster too - where it's necessary - but as it stands, the two lists will not always match up ...

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Rolemaster Stuff 

Most of my Rolemaster stuff was previously published by the Guild Companion. As I get it converted to the format of this website, I'll be adding the links here ...

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