The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

The village of Æcyr Gréne

This website is dedicated to the Æcyr Gréne Campaign Setting - the setting for my table-top game which has played fortnightly (approximately) since September 2004. The setting is in essence system-free, but where rulesets are quoted, I use the High Adventure RolePlaying (HARP) roleplaying system published by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). The material on this website is available for free use by private individuals - and I’d love to hear what you make of it - but any commerical use of the materials herein must be authorised beforehand.

HARP Lite is available to download for free, and is fully playable - so click here for 96 pages (4.7Mb) of PDF cruchiness. Please note that you will need to use the Adobe Reader to view the file.

Setting Information
Detailed information on the central setting for the campaign - the Manor and Village of Æcyr Gréne - is now available here. More general information relating to the surrounding kingdom of Coryn, including its subdivision into various Duchies will be published as it comes available. A brief timeline regarding the foundation of the kingdom of Coryn and it’s recent history, including the war of succession is also available here.

Campaign Information
Information on the characters in the campaign can be viewed here. A campaign log has also been added, and is being expanded.

Additional pages of information, and/or additional downloadable files will be added as I have the chance.

Any comments, queries or suggestions are warmly recieved - there is a forum, where you can post any comments or suggestions you wish to make. Alternatively just email me and I’ll try to reply. You can also normally catch me at the HARP discussion forums. You will have to register if you wish to post, but if you just want to browse, every category can be read.

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