The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

A Brief History of Coryn

AF 296Hæpingas clan settle on the coast of Coryn
AF 209Foundation of the first major Æðeleode kingdom - Niweric
AF 57Unification of Kænric & Wisseric to form Nikænric.
AF 56Alliance between Niweric and Curneðric attacks Nikæric.
AF 1The last king of Norðumberic is defected by the Syldeleode Alliance. Berðen Eorrere, King of Nikænric & lord of the Syldeleode, is hailed Lord of the Æðeleode.
AA 1Foundation of the Kingdom of Coryn
AA 1 - 442Expansion, Consolidation and settlement of the kinddom of Coryn Regular border disputes & minor battles with various Dynndh clans.
AA 442Treaty of Bexeleah Heath (end of border wars with Dynndh clans)
AA 461 - 473Worstening relations with southern kingdom of Provincáre
AA 467 - 473Trade disputes come to a head. Coryn blockades the Provencáre coastal trade-port of Bearne.
AA 472Death of Pæccel Ægleáw & the accession of Pæccel the younger.
AA 474Coryn invades Provincáre. City of Bearne falls to the Æðeleode.
AA 474/5Rebellion of Sighard, Duke of Norðumbeðel. Pæccel returns to Coryn to suppress rebellion.
AA 475Sighard falls on the field of battle at Esabury.
AA 475 - 492Pæccel’s rulership in Coryn is consolidated. Campaign in Provincáre grinds slowly to a halt.
AA 492Peace treaty between Provincáre and Coryn. Marriage of Cynwise and Archambaud
AA 495Death of Pæccel. Egfrid acceeds to the throne. Being a minor, Eadbald assumes mantle of Steward. Archambaud contents succession but is dismissed.
AA 496, springArchambaud lays seige to - and captures - Bearne. Consolidation of Archambaud’s holdings in Provincáre.
AA 496, autumnArchambaud crosses into Coryn and lays seige to Brimburga.
AA 496, winterFall of Brimburga. Eadbald withdraws north.
AA 497, summerBattle of Pæccelburga - Eadbald and many Æðeleode nobles fall in the defence of Pæccelburga. Archambaud’s accession ratified by the nobles of Coryn.
AA 514, springCampaign Date.

The history of the kingdom of Coryn and the Æðeleode peoples can be summarised into three major chapters. The first major chapter relates the progressive influx of the Æðeleode clans into the lands of Coryn that started in the year 296 AF, through to the formation of the Kingdom of Coryn in 1 AA.

This was followed by a period of consolidation, expansion, pacification and development, culumnating in the invasion of the southern kingdom of Provincáre and the formation of the Duchy of Bearne.

The most recent history relates to the Wars of Succession, and the accession to the throne of Coryn of the prince of Provincáre.

Chapter One - The migration of the Æðeleode clans into the lands of Coryn, and the formation of the Kingdom of Coryn.

Chapter Two - From the foundation of the Realm, to the conquest of the province of Bearne

Chapter Three - The Fall of Bearne and the Succession Wars

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