The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

A Brief History

Æðeleode Clans (AF 240)
Early Arrivals (AF 296 - 269)
Later Arrivals (AF 268 - 240)

Early Years - Migration, Settlement & Consolidation

In the year 296 AF (Ærum Foran), the first members of the Hæpingas clan of the Æðeloede began to colonise the southeastern coast of Coryn. Over the following quarter of a millennium, other Æðeloede clans – see sidebar – followed the Hæpingas to the lands of Coryn, establishing small holdings and interacting with the local Dynndh and Elven (Ælfen) settlements. As the numbers of Æðeleode grew, the Dynndh and Elves withdrew west and north, or intermarried with the new masters of the land, forming new settlements, redrawing old territorial boundaries, and establishing themselves as the preeminent culture in the region.

By the year 57 AF, there were eleven major Æðeleode kingdoms, dividing the lands of Coryn between them. Cumbeðric and Særimaric central and northern areas of Coryn formerly held by the Dynndh Cumbrain; Niweric, Gewisseric and Curneðric southwestern areas formerly held by the Dynndh Curnain; Kænric and Wisseric in the Southeastern costal regions; Fyrgenric and Cymbric in the western and northwestern areas of Coryn formerly held by the Dynndh Cymbrain; and finally Norðumberic and Galeric to the north, in the areas formerly held by the Dynndh Gàidhlin.

However, that year marked the start of the consolidation of the Æðeleode kingdoms into a single realm, with the unification by marriage of the kingdoms of Kænric and Wisseric to form the realm of Nikænric. Fearing a newly enlarged kingdom on their eastern borders, the kingdoms of Niweric and Curneðric joined in an alliance and attacked. This was the first in a series of wars that spread throughout Æðeloede Coryn lasting some 53 years, culminating in the coronation of Berðen Eorrere (Berðen the Fierce), first of the line of the Æðelberend house, king of the Nikænric and leader of the alliance of Scyldeleode. One of the first decisions that he was to make was to announce that the unified kingdom was to be styled the Kingdom of Coryn.

The lands of Coryn were to be divided into eleven duchies – Nikæneðel, Iscebeðel, Niweðel, Curneðel, Cymbreðel, Fyrgeneðel, Cumbeðel, Særimeðel, Gewisseðel, Norðumbeðel and Galeðel – and the rulers of each kingdom were to hold the title of Herezog (Duke).

For detailed information on the History of Coryn, from the foundation of the Realm, to the conquest to the province of Bearne, please proceed to Chapter Two.

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