The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

A Brief History of Coryn

Trade, Influence and the Duchy of Bearne

Over the next few centuries, the Æðeleode, under the leadership of the Æðelberend line slowly expanded the kingdom of Coryn, until the borders were stabilised (more or less) in spring of the 442 AA, with the treaty of Bexeleah Heath, where the independent Dynndh clans of the northern and western marches agreed to cede the lowlands in the southeast to the Æðeleode in perpetuity. This treaty was signed by Pæcel Æðelberend, Duke of Cumbeðel. As the eldest son of the King of Coryn, he succeeded his father Wulfhere seventeen years later in Winter 459. Pæccel Æðelberend, also know as Pæccel Ægleáw (the Wise), had three children – two sons (Pæccel Eorrere and Wulfhere) and one daughter (Ælbfled). Despite a long running trade dispute with the Corydan Kingdom of Provincaré, Pæccel succeeded in steering his country to becoming a much respected power in the area, both politically, financially and militarily. Pæccel Ægleáw died in his sleep in early winter 472, and his son Pæccel succeeded him to the throne. His son was hardly the statesman that his father had been, and before the first dawn of the following year, he had begun to muster an army to attack Provincáre, and his cousin Guichard Tancrede, King of Provincáre.

The first Æðeleode forces landed at dawn on the 3rd day of March, 474, and in the first seven months of campaigning, Pæccel had captured nearly a third of Provincáre, including the regional capital of Bearne. However, at this time Pæccel received word from home that his cousin Sighard (son of Wuscreafea Æðelberend, younger brother to Pæccel Ægleáw, and Duke of Northumbeðel) had risen up in open rebellion and had defeated Wulfhere in the field of battle near the town of Tewksbury in the duchy of Cumbeðel. Rumours of Wulfhere’s death were rife, and Pæccel had to return home with much of his forces to suppress the rebellion. The final battle of the rebellion was fought on the 12th of February 475, at Esabury in the duchy of Northumbeðel, which ended decisively as Sighard was slain in combat when his position was overrun by Pæccel’s heavy cavalry.

Unfortunately, the loss of momentum in the Provincaré campaign was critical, and although Pæccel continued to pursue the war for a further 17 years, the two sides signed a peace accord on the 5th of June 492, wherein much of the gains that Pæccel had made in the early months of the war were ceded to the Corydan, leaving the Æðeleode in control of just the port town of Bearne and the lands around it. As part of the settlement, Pæccel’s daughter Cynwise married prince Archambaud, second in line to the throne of Provincaré.

For detailed information on the Recent History of Coryn, including the succession war and the accession of Archambaud to the throne of Coryn, please proceed to Chapter Three.
For details on the migration of the Æðeleode to the lands of Coryn, and the foundation of the realm of Coryn, please proceed to Chapter One.

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