The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

The Manor of Æcyr Gréne

The village of Æcyr Gréne


One of a number of small manor holdings in the Western Border Marches of the Kingdom of Coryn, Æcyr Gréne is home to some one hundred and seventeen souls whose croft cottages cling grimly to the slopes of a steep–sided stream valley. The glen shelters the settlement from strong winds and from casual view. A good road runs south from Æcyr Gréne to the market town of Tewkesbury, that lies a mere three days ride away, but most of the villagers’ travel and trade is done by via the coastal market town of Yorvik that lies some five days northeast. To the west rise the Grey Moors, a great tract of barren hills stretching south for many leagues, and curving in to the north–east to where they crash down to the coast.

The bulk of the village’s income is from crops and livestock – especially sheep, pastured on the moors above the Manor, and Cattle, for which this area of Coryn is justly renowned. As the seasons wheel by, crops of barley, beans, oats and rye are sown and harvested and generations of sheep and cattle are raised and slaughtered for their meat (much of which is salted and sold to merchants). The wool shorn from the sheep twice yearly also greatly aids the manor’s finances. The fields occupy the high ground to the east and south of the village and are divided into strips, each of which is held by the lord or one of the villagers. A typical villager might hold 30 strips, half of which will be sown with corn and half lie fallow/be grazed by animals each year.

Sir Wuscfrea Rægenhere of Æcyr Gréne is a minor Æðeleode knight who swears fealty to Baron Xavier de Montfor, a recent Corydan noble granted title to the barony of Halheburga. This title was formerly held by the Rægenhere family, but Sir Wuscfrea’s brother, who held the title, died fighting against Archembaud’s accession to the throne, and the family holdings – like many others – were reassigned to minor Provincáre nobles who had backed the invasion.

Manor Households

Statistics: Cottar (<10 acres land) Housholds – 10;
Half–villein (10 > 15 acres land) Households – 6;
Villein (15+ acres land) Households – 5;
Yeomen / Guilded Households – 7

Manor Officials

Sir Knight Wuscfrea Rægenhere of Æcyr Gréne
Lord of the Manor. House consists of wife Tortgyð, sons Eadwyn, Irminric, Cedric, and Hereric, daughter Æðelðryd, and his aunt Æðel. Also his cook Osðryd, stable–boy Ælle and two domestic servants Hilda and Edyð.

Manor Reeve, Yeoman – The Reeve arranges sowing, ploughing, weeding, reaping, hœing and the myriad other tasks required to maintain the fields and meadows, often assisted by the Hayward.
Dependants – wife and three young children.

Manor Beadle, Yeoman Farmer – The Beadle carries out the allotted punishments and collects the agreed amercements.
Dependants – wife and eight children, two of whom are teenagers.

Manor Woodward, Villein – The Woodward looks after the manor woodland and collects the fees that the villagers must pay to pick berries or collect firewood.
Dependants – wife (Tatæ)

Manor Hayward, Half–villein – The Hayward’s official responsibility is the “haies” or hedges and fences, but in practice it goes well beyond this.
Dependants – Wife and six children.

Herder, Half–villein. As herder, Redwald is responsible for the care and upkeep of the fief’s sheep flock. Dependants – Wife, two teenage sons and three young children.

Cottar (Manor Hand) – Son of the Woodward, a proficient hunter and marksman, also serves as one of the manor hands in Æcyr Gréne, acting as the page/retainer/huntsman/messenger to the Rægenhere family.

Manor Yeomenry & Guilded Craftsmen

Guilded Miller; Dependants – wife, two adult sons (Cælin & Cuichelm).

Yeoman Farmer; Dependants – wife, two sons and a daughter.

Guilded Hideworker; Dependants – wife & one apprentice (Offa)

Guilded timberwright (lumberjack) Dependants: wife, six children, widowed sister and her son.

Guilded Blacksmith; Dependants: one journeyman (Æðelwald) and his wife. Swidhelm drinks more than is good for him since his wife and daughters died, victims of a bandit raid. The journeyman does most of the blacksmithing for the village.

Cottars & Villeins

Cottar; Dependants – wife, one daughter, demented uncle.

Cottar; Dependants – Wife.

Villein; Dependants – Wife and teenage daughter.

Cottar; Dependants – Wife and one child

Half–villein; Dependants – Wife and one son

Cottar; Dependants – Wife and two children

Cottar; Dependants – Wife and two child

Half–villein; Dependants – Wife, tow children and his unmarried sister.

Cottar. Dependants: wife, three young sons and a pretty, teenage daughter who is not yet betrothed.

Peada (also known as Peada Sceaphierde)
Cottar; Dependants – Wife and child, also wife’s widowed sister & her two children. Mainly works as a shepherd.

Peada (also known as Peada Nieten)
Villein; Dependants – Wife and five children. Mainly works tending the Cattle.

Half–villein; Dependants – Wife and three young children.

Villein; Dependants: Pregnant wife.

Villein; Dependants – Wife and two young children.

Cottar; Dependants – Sister, and her two children.

Half–villein; Dependants – one teenage son.

Cottar; Dependants – One child

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