The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

The Geopolitical Landscape of Coryn and its Environs

Borders of the Kingdom of Coryn

Regional Overview

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The Lands

Coryn lies nestled between Norrœnjar to the north, Tir na nGael to the west and Cymbra and Gwendh to the south, in an area traditionally called Cernew by the original Dynndh clans that lived there. The more distant lands of Salisia and Gall have also influenced the makeup of this region. To the East, the lands of Carangeard, Brezh and the Nordmark lie across the Brimbeorht.

Peoples & Borders

The kingdom of Coryn is bounded on all sides by an ever-shifting patchwork of Dynndh clans - the Dynndh Gael to the north and west, the Dynndl Cymbr and Dynndh Gwenaeg to the south - whose loyalty of the High Kings of the Dynndh is always secondary to whatever local concerns occupy their minds. The Norsœcic peoples of the Norœnjar - make up a number of small independent norn and Normænn realms through the coastal regions north of Coryn.

Across the Brimbeorht in Carangeard, the kingdoms of Provencáre, Rousillon and Andalucare dominate the southern and western regions, while the the highlands and eastern regions are still dominated by the various Gœðic, Andalisc and Germanisc clans. As you travel further north, travelling first through the fiercly independant Caranisc Dales north of Provencáre, you enter the lands of the Nordmark, dominated by an ever shifting collection of Narvisc and Navarisc kingdoms.

Far to the south, the southern coast of Gall is dominated by the Caltician City states, while the highlands are occupied by Dynndh clans. To the west, the republic of Salicia rules their corner of the world, a mere shadow of their former glory, when they had ruled all of Gall, Gwendh and Brezh.