The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

The Duchies of Coryn

Cymbreðel Galeðel Norðumbeðel Iscebeðel Hwælenlond Nikæneðel Niweðel Særimeðel Curneðel Gewisseðel Cumbeðel Erianeðel Fyrgeneðel Duchies of the Kingdom of Coryn

The Duchies of Coryn

Northern Duchies 

Cymbreðel lies nestled between the lakes and the northern highlands, bordered by Galeðel to the east and Fyrgeneðel to the south.
Galeðel lies on the northern border of the realm, between the great northern duchy of Norðumbeðel to the east and untamed duchy of Cymbreðel to the west. Galeðel also shares borders with coastal duchy of Særimeðel and central duchy of Cumbeðel.
Norðumbeðel is the largest Duchy in Cory, and it dominates the physical and political landscape in Northern Coryn. She bears the brunt of attacks by the Northern coastal raiders, and has the largest duchal navy - only the Royal Navy based on Hwælenlond is larger. Norðumbeðel is bordered by Galeðel to the west and by Særimeðel to the south.

Eastern Coastal Duchies 

Iscebeðel is the most southerly of the Corynan Duchies, and also encompasses several small islands off the Eastern coast of Coryn, including the island of Hwælenlond, which serves as the base of operations for the Royal Fleet. Iscebeðel was the first Duchy to fall to the Provencárean nobles, and is probably one of the most loyal to the new Dynasty.
Nakæneðel is the seat of Royal power in Coryn, and the Duchal responsibilites are held directly by the monarch, although they are normally apportioned to one or more ministers. The city of Pæccelburga lies on a ridge overlooking the river Avongeap, and it was in this area that the old order was overthrown not 25 years ago.
Niweðel lies in the coastal plain between Nikæneðel and Særimeðel to the north. Bordered by Cumbeðel and Curneðel to the west, Niweðel sits on the main north-south trade route that runs up the coast road.
Særimeðel encompasses the Særimnæss headland and the many small islands that lie off it’s coast. Bordered by Norðumbeðel to the north, Niweðel to the south, and Cumbeðel and Galeðel to the west, Særimeðel is a prosperous coastal Duchy.

Southern Duchies 

Curneðel straddles the upper reaches of the Avongeap river, and as the river rises into the hills and highlands, the mountains are terraced with the vinyards with which the Curneðel region is famous.
The most westerly of the Corynan duchies, Gewisseðel’s people are much closer to their Dynndh neighbours than in many of the Duchies. The southern highlands are impassible to trade, but considerable trade flows through the markets along the Avonreadfah river that forms the western border of the duchy, and the coastal trade port on Bradmere.

Central and Western Duchies 

Cumbeðel dominates the central plain of Coryn, and is renowned for the quality of it’s cavalry. The gently rolling landscape flows south from Fægranmere, slowly climbing into the Middenbeorg hills to the south and east. To the west, Fyrgeneðel and Erianeðel divide the western section of the plain between them, while the wheat and barley of Galeðel sweeps north towards the northern highlands. The presence of the Middenbeorg hills means that much of Cumbeðel’s trade flows north through Galeðel to Norðumbeðel, southwest through Erianeðel to the ports on Bradmere or via Curneðel and down the Avongeap to the coast.
Erianeðel controls the eastern coast of Bradmere, and all of the consequent trade opporunities that such a position would bring. The floodplain of Bradmere is very fertile, and the lowlanders of Erianeðel are among the more prosperous peoples of Coryn.
Occupying the northern coast of Bradmere, running north to the Beorghliþen Helsceaða (Demon’s Ridge), and east across the central plain, Fyrgeneðel straddles quite a diverse range of territory. The Beorghliþen Helsceaða forms much of it’s western border, while to the east the land descends into rolling plains that flow down to Fægranmere forming an ever-changing landscape, with some of the most spectacular views in Coryn.