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The Duchies of Coryn


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The Æht-geweald (Duchy) of Gewisseðel is divided into some fourteen Æht-Stedes (County) and Marstedes (Border March ... an Earldom or County on the borders of Coryn). Much of the territory thus encompassed is in turn divided into a patchwork of Heordstedes (Baronies) and Cotlífes (Mannors). There are also nine "charter-holding" towns or cities in the area, whose citizens are free from feudal obligations.

In addition to these political boundries, the Duchy can be divided into a variety of geographic regions -

Reydahl encompasses the highlands in the south-east. The land is less fertile than much of the duchy, and the combination of the rugged terrain and poor soil has led to this area to be the least populous section of Gewisseðel. Politically, Reydahl is divided into two Marstedes (Prudhoe and Dærwent) and a large Æht-Stede (Briscoe) that straddles the river Ælne, and has only one charter town - Staindrop (population: 3606).
Ælndahl lies north of Reydahl, straddling the Alne as it flows north, until it passes through the Nirewett into the broad lowland dales of Grendahl. The lands of Ælndahl are far richer and more populous than Reydahl, and it is divided into five Æht-Stedes (Eskdahl, Calderdahl, Scardahl, Yarm, Aisdahl) and has three charter towns - the city of Leadgate (population: 9202) and the towns of Iveston (population: 2307) and Hedley (population: 1730).
Grendahl spans the lowlands that lies between the pass of Nirewett to the great lake of Ullsmere. This is the most populous and prosperous area of Gewisseðel, and the hosts the city of Micley (population: 18,404) in addition to two other charter towns - Yorvik (population: 6441) lies on the coast of Ullsmere, while Healey (population: 5152) lies inland. Politically, Grendahl is broken into four Æht-Stedes of varying size (Wharfedahl, Ærdahl, Egglesdahl, Sedgefield), although much of it is controlled directly by the Duke.
Næssdahl encompasses the rugged hills and mountains south of Grendahl, it's western border dominated by the Cáfstréam river. Politically, Næssdahl is divided between two Marstedes - the more mountainous Fyrgenaugh, and the richer Ácbenaugh. The town Tewksbury (population: 2884) falls within the area of Næssdahl and lies in the central dales.


Gewisseðel encompases an area of 33,604 square miles, lying between 20.8 and 24.7 degrees lattitude.
In real-word equivalents, this is slightly larger than Azerbaijan, and slightly smaller than Maine.
Coastlines & borders
Gewisseðel has some 49 miles of lakeshore and 599 miles of external borders.
Internal Borders
Gewisseðel shares borders with Erianeðel (229 miles) and Curneðel (110 miles)
Gewisseðel has a total population of approximately 2.3 million, of whom less than 45 thousand live in the urban centres.
Population:2,352,280  Other Statistics 
 Town/City (8):49,726  Villages:3,404
 Village/Manor:1,361,642  Castles (Urban):11
 Isolated/Itinerant:940,912  Castles (Rural/Wilderness):35
Density (per sq. mi):70  Ruins:23

Sites of Interest

Seat/Capital of the Duchy
Micley (population: 18,404)
Other Major Towns/Ports or Fortifications
Yorvik (population: 6441); Tewksbury (population: 2884); Staindrop (population: 3606); Healey (population: 5152); Leadgate (population: 9202); Iveston (population: 2307); Hedley (population: 1730)
Major Rivers
Other Notable Features

People of Interest

Duke (Herezog)
Lord Sighard Ðaldar currently holds the title of Herezog of Gewisseðel.
Other Notable Nobles
Lord Cærl Earcon, Margraf (Earl) of Fyrgenaugh