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Nibaldo (Priest of Wær)

Nibaldo is a young man from a moderately prosperous Provencárean family that moved to Coryn a couple of years after the succession struggle. Soon after they arrived, his family fell on hard times, and as an act of piety, they became involved with a small monastic community (Geferscipe) of Wær. Unfortunately, ill health claimed the lives of his parents before their financial circumstances looked up, so for most of his life Nibaldo has lived in the community near the city of Pæccelburga. Tidings of the growing influence of the Heresy of Tiras have been troubling the elders of the community, and they decided to send Nibaldo out to investigate. Wandering aimlessly, Nibaldo drifted along with the traders and caravans, following rumours and observing the changing customs, travelling west and north, eventually ending up in one of the baronial border posts of Fyrgeneðel, overlooking the Dynndh border. he was welcomed warmly, but after only a couple of days, he felt an ominous forboding, as the fort became a hubub of activity. Suddenly there were nobles and their retainers arriving from the surrounding baronies and shires. Rumours that some local banditry may be linked to some grander scheme, possibly linked to the activities of the Heretical Followers of Tir peaked his interest, and when he heard that a group of adventurers who were investigating this activity themselves were travelling North for some reason, he felt called to join them ...

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