The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

The Characters Writeups

Cedric Wilfrid Rægenhere of Æcyr Gréne.

Third son of Wuscfrea Rægenhere, knight of the Realm. Given the financial and political situation at this time, Cedric is unlikely to inherit either title or lands. Cedric has two older brothers – Eadwyn (heir), Irminric (squire to Baron Villier Sighere de Vichi). Cedric also has one younger brother – Hereric – and one sister – Æðelðryd. Mother’s name is Tortgyð.

Excel Character Sheets

A character sheet for Wuscfrea is also available.
These are zipped MS-Excel Documents, and are approximately 150Kb each.

Web-readable Character Summary Sheets

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